Insulation and Energy Testing for the North Country

Insulation and Energy Testing for the North Country

Insulation and Energy Testing for the North CountryInsulation and Energy Testing for the North Country

COVID-19 Announcement

Due to the corona virus we will be suspending all auditing activity through April 19th. We are still available for insulation quotes via video conference or from architectural plans. If you would like to know more about what you can do to protect yourself at home or if you just have a lot more time for reading now, check out our blog section. 

We are excited to announce that Foster Lawrence Enterprises LLC is a Participating Contractor with NYSERDA's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®. NYSERDA offers income eligible customers free home energy assessments. To learn more about the program follow the link below. 


Insulation is an extremely important part of every building. The partners at Foster Lawrence Enterprises LLC are passionate about building science. We are experts in the application of closed-cell spray foam and cellulose insulation. Properly installed insulation can help lower your heating and cooling bills while improving air quality and comfort in your home. 

Home Energy Audits

Lower energy bills and a more comfortable home start with a home energy assessment. The energy assessment analyzes how each element of your home works together to provide a top-to-bottom look at where you’re wasting energy — and what you can do to fix it.

Residential Construction

Foster Lawrence Enterprises LLC provides the North Country with high quality building and spray foam insulation services. With over a decade of construction experience, we are here to help no matter what stage of building you are in.